• A Meta-Analytic Study on the Relationships of Person-Supervisor Fit with Job Attitudes and Behaviors

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This study conducted meta-analyses of 26 Korean studies in order to examine the relationships of person-supervisor (P-S) fit with job attitudes and behaviors. Job attitudes included job satisfaction (k = 11), affective organizational commitment (k = 10), and turnover intention (k = 8). Work behaviors included organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs, k = 11). The results showed strong positive relationships of P-S fit with job satisfaction, affective commitment, and OCBs. Also, P-S fit had a moderate negative relationship with turnover intention. Types of organization (public versus private), types of industry (service versus non-service), survey methods (paper versus online), publication source, and sub-dimensions of outcome measurements were used as moderators. The results indicated that the effect sizes were larger in private organizations, paper surveys, and journal publications than in public organizations, online surveys, and dissertations, respectively. Regarding measurement dimensions, P-S fit showed stronger relationships with composite job satisfaction and OCB-I than with intrinsic job satisfaction and OCB-O. This study contributes to the literature on P-S fit, which has not been examined much compared to other dimensions of person-environment fit, by demonstrating its importance. Limitations of the current study, future research directions, and implications of the results were further discussed.


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