• Development and validation of short form of multi-dimensional personality inventory (Bright & Dark Personality Inventory: BDPI)

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The purpose of this study is to develop and validate the short form of multi-dimensional personality inventory(Bright & Dark Personality Inventory: BDPI). 33 items were selected based on item parameter(discrimination, severity) and items context. Item context was evaluated by clinical psychologist. reliability and validity of the short form were examined. The resulting internal consistency and test-retest reliability was generally low. The reason why the reliabilities were low is lack of items assigned each factors. Model fit of the short form was improved than that of original form. And the short form showed same factor structure as original form. convergent and discriminant validity of the short form was similar to the validity of original form. Correlation between scores obtained from original form and scores obtained from short form was than .9. Profiles of the two forms showed similar patterns. The short form precisely measures personality traits that were measured by original form although the short form was shortened by 80% than original form. Finally, the limitations and suggestions for further research of this study were discussed.


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