• The Effects of employee perception of training effectiveness on organizational commitment

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In order to cope with various changes in the management environment, the pursuit of competitive advantage through the use of human capital is one of the important strategies of companies. Employee training play an important role in developing and improving human capital. By providing training, the organizational members are more engaged in the organization, so that they can finally improve individual performance and create corporate value. Since the unique organizational culture that companies have affects the attitudes of organizational members, I sought to explore the role of organizational culture in order to find out how employee perception of training effectiveness affects organizational commitment upon the different types of organizational culture. This study examines the relationship between employee perception of training effectiveness and organizational commitment and suggests implications for human resource management for each organizational culture by confirming the effects of employee perception of training effectiveness according to organizational culture. To test the hypothese, I analyzed data for two years (2011, 2013) of the HCCP data. The results of the study showed that employee perception of training effectiveness has a significant positive relationship, organizational commitment and that relationship is not strengthened under the a clan-oriented organizational culture, but it is weakened under the a market-oriented organizational culture.


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